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Gamma Professional 17 String


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Product Details:

Ultimate playability. Gut-like performance.

Performance guarantee. Gamma rated #1 synthetic string by USRSA String Survey for 24 years in playability.
Live Wire Multifilament Technology
Using Gamma's exclusive Live Wire Technology the polymeric materials in the string are exposed to an advanced super high energy, Gamma irradiation process. This process energizes the molecules of the polymeric material, and accelerates the cross linkage (bonding) between the molecules by more than 25% to create Live Wire monofibers. The increased cross linkage provides greater dynamic resiliency and greater elasticity compared to all other synthetic materials.

The World's Number 1 Rated Overall Synthetic String, Gamma Professional, features Live Wire Multifilament Technology. Professional features an advanced string construction that incorporates 50% more Iso-Elastic Fibers, NCP Tension Fibers for longer tension maintenance, and new PEEK abrasion resistant fibers woven within the outer wraps for enhanced durability. This unique construction combined with Gamma's exclusive Advanced Irradiation Process provides Gut-Like Performance and a crisp, solid feel preferred by top professionals.
Synthetic (Live Wire) Series --- Multifilament
Gauge: 17 / 1.27 mm
Length: 40 ft / 12.2 m
Colour: Natural
FSP^: 12
Made in Japan
Category: Playability
- Live Wire Iso-Elastic Fibers
  *Increases resiliency and elasticity for maximum power and feel
- NCP Tension Fibers
   *Maintains tension longer
- High Impact Urethane Resin
   *Improved shock and vibration dampening
- PEEK Abrasion Resistant Fibers
   *Increased string life and a crisp feel for added control
Using Gamma's exclusive Live Wire Multifilament construction and an advanced super high-energy Gamma Irradiation Process, Gamma Live Wire strings provide over 20% greater dynamic resiliency and dynamic elasticity compared to other multifilament synthetic strings. Improved resiliency and elasticity provides more power, more control and less shock to the arm.