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Gosen Powermaster I String

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Product Details:

Original flat construction drives sharp spin and good ball bite.
Flat Gut --- Mega Spin
It's a Japanese technology. The cross section is revolutionary new - Flat! It enables increased surface contact area in between ball and strings. Flat surface contact accelerating ball biting which results in overwhelming Mega-Spin whereas conventional string generating irregular point contact.
Synthetic (Flat Gut) Series --- Monofilament 
Gauge: 1.09-1.45 mm
Length: 40 ft / 12.2 m
Colour: White
Made in Japan
Category: Spin
Suitable Players: General Players
Tension: 50-60 lb
- Advanced 55-60 lb
- Intermediate 50-55 lb
- Beginner ~50 lb

Material: Nylon
Core - Flat monofilament
Wrap - Flat multifibres

- Durability 8
- Power 8
- Soft Feeling 7
- Spin 9
(out of 10 points)