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Luxilon Alu Power 125 Silver Reel 220m String


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Product Details:

Amazing power and control!

#1 string on tour. All Big Banger strings - give More Power - are Very Durable - show no loss of Efficiency - don't Move - are Impervious to atmospheric conditions.
Synthetic Series --- Monofilament
Gauge: 16L / 1.25 mm
Length: 660 ft / 200 m
Colour: Silver
Made in Belgium
Material: Co-polymer (nylon), Fluocarbon resin, aluminum fibers
- Most widely used string among ATP & WTA Pros
- Poly-ether-ether mixed with aluminium fiber
- Best "all-around" Big Banger string, suits all player styles
- Durability 8
- Power 10
- Control 10
- Comfort 9
(out of 10 points)
Attention: It is recommended to string Big Banger strings at least with 10% less tension than your usual strings or than recommended by the racquet manufacturer.