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Gamma SlingHopper Rally Tennis Drill Bag 20

HKD 240.00
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Product Details:

The SlingHopper Rally Drill Bag was designed by teaching pros for feeding balls on the move. Its compact design is ideal for hitting during a lesson or practice session. The bag fits comfortably around your waist and the contoured ball pouch rests on your thigh remaining stationary while feeding or playing. You now have easy access to 20 balls offering greater convenience and mobility. The SlingHopper Rally Bag allows you to hit full groundstrokes, volleys and serves. Whether you are a teaching pro, parent, coach, or player, the Rally Ball Bag is the perfect teaching and playing aid.

·   Developed by Teaching Pros
·   Ideal for Feeding & Hitting
·   Promotes More Rallies
·   Puts Balls in Play Quickly
·   Stays on Thigh While Running
·   Ideal for Pros, Coaches, Parents, and Players

SlingHopper Drill Bags are endorsed and used by:
·   Brad Gilbert: former top ATP player, noted coach and ESPN commentator
·   Harold Solomon: former top ATP player and past ATP President
·   Fred Stolle: former top ATP player and 16 time Grand Slam title winner
·   Kathi Rinaldi: former top WTA player